Introducing The New Dashboard –


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You know what’s constantly far better than an old dashboard? A new dashboard, and we’ve just beefed yours up with tons of new characteristics for 2019. Your dashboard now characteristics nine new tabs that give you a swift overview and simplify your CRM functionality so you can do most of what you will need to do in the CRM correct from the initial web page. Right here is a breakdown of every new dashboard tab and what it makes it possible for you to see and do.

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  1. Fast View

    The swift view tab will show your most current contacts from any pipeline or group. You will be in a position to order contacts by when they had been final touched, added or final logged in. The swift view will show their final 3 tracker events (tracked communication points like calls, texts, emails, and so forth) and the make contact with information for every records. A good section to immediately obtain your current leads and partners to hop on a contact or get in make contact with with.

  2. Loan Apps

    View the loan apps tab to see completed or in-method 1003’s. Organize this section to see who leads that haven’t completed their 1003 applications but, you can even see how far along they are in the application. Produce an automated campaign or attain out to assistance nudge them along. You will also be in a position to view when applications had been completed, organized by date.

  3. Leads

    All the things you will need to know to get an overview of your leads. Use this section to see lead to prospect and pipeline conversion prices. Funded and cancelled loan numbers, lead comparison information and even a list of new leads.

  4. In-Processing

    This tab will show you graphically and on a list each and every borrower that you presently have in processing. It will lay them all out with verify marks for every section of the loan method they have completed. You will be in a position to quickly see who is in-processing, when stage of the method their in and when every stage was completed with the in-processing tab.

  5. Tasks

    Just place, this shows a breakdown of your tasks. Missed tasks, a calendar and a to-do list will all be displayed in this tab. Every can be edited, or added to on the spot and the calendar will be in a position to sync to your e-mail calendar and mobile telephone so you never ever miss an appointment.

  6. Campaigns

    This tab breaks down your all of your pending campaigns. See what campaigns you have made that haven’t gone out. Text message, contact and e-mail campaigns can all be launched from this tab with the click of a button. You can also see information on how several campaigns have been executed and are schedule for the future from this tab.

  7. Assignments

    Use the assignments tab to see and accept new leads that have been assigned to you. You will be in a position to cancel leads assignments you have offered to other people from this section as nicely as see previous lead assignments inside your workplace.

  8. Alerts

    This tab will list all birthdays, loan anniversaries and refinance possibilities that are coming up in the subsequent two weeks. Use this tab to keep top rated of thoughts and never ever miss a refinance chance.

As you see this new dashboard makes it possible for you to do so several issues from the moment you log into BNTouch. We’ve also got a lot extra fascinating updates coming to the dashboard this year so if there’s something else you’d like to see on the new dashboard, just let us know.