Reverse Mortgage Age Limits & Title Cautions


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The HUD HECM plan limits the youngest borrower to the age of 62 or older to be eligible for the reverse mortgage plan.  If there is a spouse of a borrower who is not but 62, the older spouse can nonetheless get a reverse mortgage and the younger spouse can stay on title and would be recognized as an “eligible non-borrowing spouse”.

Eligible Non-Borrowing Spouses

An eligible non-borrowing spouse can also reside in the property for life, even if the older spouse passes or ought to have to leave the property, as lengthy as the younger spouse nonetheless meets the reverse mortgage situations (pays the taxes and insurance coverage on time as effectively as any other liabilities on the home such as any HOA dues or other assessments, if any, they will have to continue to reside in the home as their major residence and keep the property in a affordable manner).

As a non-borrowing spouse, the underaged spouse is not on the loan and would not be in a position to access any funds nonetheless on the line of credit if the older, borrowing spouse ought to pass or leave the home for any explanation.  The only age limitation is legal age so that would be 18 years of age.

The advantage accessible to the borrower or the loan quantity would be determined primarily based on the age of the younger spouse because he/she could reside in the property for life as effectively and consequently, based on how significantly under the minimum age of 62 that person is at the origination of the loan, the quantity accessible could be significantly lowered primarily based on the reduced age.  But if a single of the married folks is 62 or more than, the loan can nonetheless be obtained by the married couple.

Caution: TWO Individuals On Title – But Only 1 on Loan

If there are two men and women who are not married on title (unmarried folks could be siblings, parents/young children or unmarried partners), and a single or additional of the men and women on title are not 62 or more than, they would not qualify for the reverse mortgage loan unless the underaged person was prepared to relinquish their interest in the home by Deed.

Individuals have to have to seriously take into consideration the consequences of this action ahead of undertaking it.  It is accurate they can be added back to title just after the loan closes, but even so, the loan becomes due and payable when the particular person on title at closing is no longer living in the home and if the program is for a different particular person to continue to reside in the property just after the older borrower passes or will have to leave the property for any explanation, they would have to have to refinance the loan at that time in order to spend off the loan that would then be due.

That is not generally feasible which would call for them to sell and move if they did not have the funds accessible.  It is a quite tough time to be pondering about options when you have just lost a loved a single and significantly a lot easier to have your program in location ahead of you have to have to execute it.

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